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The headlines in the newspapers and on television are full of multi-million dollar lawsuits. As these lawsuits become more numerous, we are starting to see a growing trend of these issues entering the agricultural industry. Kansas Farm Bureau is, once again, taking the initiative to ensure that its members are informed and educated about these matters.

Today, federal, state and local laws, statutes, ordinances and regulations impacting farmers and ranchers are significantly more multifaceted and complex than ever before. In addition to the continually changing rules that have been imposed on the farm community is the added presence of environmental groups, changing demographics, urban sprawl and a vast global economy.

As it becomes more difficult for Kansas farmers and ranchers to maintain an existence, let alone to keep up with the revolution of changes that affect them, Farm Bureau began looking for answers.

The Kansas Farm Bureau board of directors believes that to be an effective farm organization during the 21st Century, it must recognize these changes and adapt accordingly.- See more at: http://www.kfb.org/educationoutreach/law/index.html#sthash.QRj0TxbC.dpuf

Below you will find links to current regulations, legal issues and resources.

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